Week 22 – At the cemetery

My third cousin took me to Ørslev church last year. A large number of my ancestors have either been christened, confirmed, married or buried at this church, including my grandmother, who was christened there. Today I am not going to write about her, but instead, her nephew Knud Jacob Jensen, (my 1st cousin once removed) whose gravestone I saw at the cemetery.

Name: Knud Jacob Jensen
Birth: 4/1/1900 – Stubberup, Ørslev, Vester Flakkebjerg, Sorø
Marriage: 20/6/1930 – Skørpinge, Vester Flakkebjerg, Sorø
Spouse: Anne Marie Mortensen
Death: 1980 – Stubberup, Ørslev, Vester Flakkebjerg, Sorø

Knud was the son of Hans Jensen, who I wrote about in Week 18. In 1930, after marrying Marie, Knud took over the farm at 31 Glænøvej in Stubberup after his father. The farm has been in the family since 1887 and has only recently been put up for sale by Knud’s grandson who has a different farm.

Glænøvej 31, Stubberup – photo taken 1936-38.

From childhood Knud was educated in farm management by his father and as a young man was sent to study at Vallekilde Højskole, a school for young country people situated in north Sealand. The school still exists but has been renamed Vallekilde Communications College. It is specialising in communication and currently has five line subjects. Journalism, Design, Leadership, Game design and Event management. These lines attracts students from all over the world and is a stepping stone for the students to attend a university.

Knud Jacob Jensen at Vallekilde Højskole 1918-1919

Knud and Marie were 31 when they married and went on to have two children. The eldest, Arnth, was born 9 months later and he eventually took over the family farm. A daughter, Margit, followed the year after. Unfortunately, Margit was not well or she suffered an accident (I don’t know which), because she died at Slagelse Hospital aged only 12.

Ørslev Cemetery.

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