Week 20 – Nature

Going back in time, everyone of my direct ancestors were involved in farming. Even when looking at siblings and their children, it is still the same. Only when we reach the 1850s do people start to have different occupations, and even then only a few. Since farming has everything to do with nature, I have decided to write about my 4th Great Grandfather.

Name: Jesper Jensen
Birth: 1730? – ?
Marriage: 1/11/1756 – Gunderslev, Øster Flakkebjerg, Sorø
Spouse: Cathrine Pedersdatter
Death: 2/7/1818 – Sneslev, Førslev, Øster Flakkebjerg, Sorø

The reason I chose Jesper is that I don’t know much about him, and this is a chance for me to do some focused research. I do know that Cathrine, his first wife and my 4th Great Grandmother, died at the age of 43 leaving Jesper alone with 5 children. Catherine had given birth to four more children, but they all died in infancy. Hans, the last baby, was buried the same day as his mother, so it is reasonable to conclude that it had been a difficult birth with complications.

Four months later Jesper married Mette Nielsdatter, 22 years his junior, and had a further seven children. Unfortunately only three survived infancy and grew up to later marry.

Jesper lived in Hyllinge and it is possible he leased one of the farms in this village. To date, however, I have not been able to find any evidence to support this idea. I also know he lived in Sneslev, but again I haven’t been able to find evidence of any farm he may have leased. These two villages are not very far from each other, so it is possible he stayed in one place but went to church in two different parishes.

I have spent days trying to find the birth of Jesper, but without success. I did find a marriage record of Jens Nielsen and Anne Jespersdatter af Agerup and I believe they are Jesper’s parents. Their marriage was in Hyllinge church on the 19th of October 1727. I then find death notices for Jens Nielsen’s stillborn child on the 12th of December 1728 and Jens Nielsen’s hustru Anna on the 10th of January 1729.

As Jesper’s birth was calculated to be 1730 based on the age given at death, it is quite likely that this could have been out by a couple of years. I believe Jesper would have been their first child and probably born early 1728. The fact that he carried Anne’s father’s name and that there were no birth records of a Jesper in the 10 years before or after that time, I believe that his birth was not recorded anywhere. I have searched the church records in all the parishes close to and not so close to Hyllinge.

And this is where the story of Jesper Jensen ends. I can not prove who his parents were, only guess, and that is not good enough as genealogical evidence.

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