Week 12 – 12

How to interpret the number 12?

Since I can go back 12 generations on my mother’s side, I chose to write about my 10th great grandfather and progenitor of the Øvli/Øuli Family.

Name: Mickel Øuli
Birth: About 1510 – Malling, Ning, Århus
Marriage: Date unknown – Malling, Ning, Århus
Spouse: Birgitte Ibsdatter
Death: About 1570 – Malling, Ning, Århus

I did not do my own research on Mickel Øuli. I would at best have been able to go back perhaps 8 generations following church records, but the extra ancestors are thanks to other members of the Family, who have freely and happily shared what they knew. Indeed, a book was published in 1917 titled Øvle-Slægten og dens Hjem by A Eriksen (The Øvle-Family and its Home) and I am drawing freely from Eriksen’s work.

Mickel Øuli and Birgitte Ibsdatter were parents to – Eske Michelsen Øuli, who was father to – Øffli Eskesen, who was father to – Peder Øvlisen, who was father to – Øvli Pedersen, who was father to – Eske Øvlisen, who was father to – Øvli Eskesen, who was father to – Anne Øvlisdatter, who was mother to – Jacob Nielsen, who was father to – Niels Jacobsen(my Great-Grandfather, who was father to – Maren Jacobsen, who was mother to – Nanna Rasmine Rasmussen, who was mother to – me.

To say I go back 12 generations to Mickel can be debated. If I go through my Great-Grandfather’s line it is 12 generations, but if I go through my Great-Grandmother’s line it turns out to be 13 generations.

But why stop there? There is strong evidence that the lesser ranked noble, Jes Pedersen, was a grandparent to either Mickel or Birgitte. This adds two generations, even though nobody has yet been able to name the middle generation as very few documents exist from the 1400s.

A parchment exists from 1463, witnessed by 24 of the oldest most respected parish men in Malling, stating that the land and everything relating to it, currently occupied by Jes Pedersen is his true inherited property. Two wax-seals are attached to this document, which is preserved in the Danish Archives in Copenhagen.

It is then reasonable to suggest that the property, Matrikel 14 in Malling and later named Veilgaard, belonged to Jes’ father and quite possibly 2-4 generations further back.

Enter Mickel Øuli. Michel requested that the above mentioned parchment be read at the District Court in in 1567, to prove that the same land belonged to him. He was relying on the fact that he or Birgitte’s relationship to Jes Pedersen was well known and undisputed.

Michel’s move was successful and the farm stayed in the family until 2012, when it was sold to outsiders.

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